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EST on Monday, and begins a void-of-course period that lasts until p.


It might feel like unproductive time, but don't get down on yourself if you wanted to make some significant moves. Wednesday heralds Aires season and the first day of spring. We're inspired to begin changing ourselves as the world changes with us. Meanwhile, a Mars-Pluto trine inspires the desire for less talk and more action. And Mercury, who is still in retrograde forms sextile with Saturn, the astrological taskmaster.


This movement wants to point us in the right direction but needs help getting the facts straight. Toward the middle of this week, we're collectively drawn to share ideas with each other as the moon becomes full in Libra. Venus, our planet of charm and beauty speeds through Aquarius this week, helping us to experiment with fashion, style, and aesthetics.

On Thursday, she is sextile with Jupiter, offering serendipitous opportunities to us. This is a formidable energetic.

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It is grounded and commands practical, logical progress. By next week they will each connect with your planet, Jupiter, and that should set things right again. You already know that life is not always smooth and easy breezy.

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Consider this week a master class in realigning your Self to the newer energies that are starting to take hold. Embrace the new order.

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Many thanks and much love. By Stephanie Azaria September 30, Stephanie would like you all to know that she is still recovering from a very profound illness and is working hard to get back to you. She will be offering a formal update very soon. Please stand by and stay with her. You all mean the world to her. By Stephanie Azaria September 23, Stephanie is experiencing some serious health challenges and is currently receiving medical attention. She will not be writing horoscopes this week but will return as soon as she is able.

Sun in Libra Horoscopes

Please check back soon. We wish you all the best for the Equinox! Much love to Stepanie for a smooth and speedy recovery.