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Feed your fish! To put myself in the shoes of one of these people, I decided to read my horoscope.

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I found that my Zodiac sign is Scorpio because my birthday is in early November. After finding my Zodiac, I navigated to horoscope. You tell me. Maybe horoscope. All I found is horoscopes, much like nearly anything, should be read with a healthy amount of skepticism or with a good sense of humor—if you decide to read them.

Daily horoscope: Aries

They are much more dangerous when they are followed strictly, or when one starts to use Zodiac signs to excuse bad behavior. Probably less, now that I think about it. So, as a message to those who do not believe in Astrology, kudos. You have separated yourself from the pack as the sane few who realize that Astrology is a pseudoscience that has existed for generations because horoscopes help sell newspapers.

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Submission: Voting defines the democratic process. Letter to the Editor: Rebutting Sept.

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Expect to be shown things about your deepest, darkest self that you need to change and expect to feel deeply about it. This is a really great time to find a signature scent or lipstick shade that helps you feel like the most true version of yourself. Beauty can help you to take on your day, your life, and this tough-feeling moment. Planetary opposition this week leads to a ton of confrontation, internally and externally. The full moon helps us to see the benefit of doing this work and give our efforts now a huge, positive push.

When material, earthly concerns meet up with emotions, there can be some discomfort in our relationships caused by money and material goods. Make sure to be aware of any jealousy, any debts you owe or are owed, or any financial concerns, and face them head-on now. Mercury comes in a nice soft sextile angle to Jupiter on Friday, bringing some fresh, clean energy to relationships. Think of this as a great day to get a facial, either at the spa or at home. The renewing, soothing energy is perfect for getting rid of old gunk and taking care of any flare-ups or irritation.

Questions Astrologers Avoid Like Cancer

A cool bath with purifying salts and nourishing oils in the light of the bright, waning moon would also be particularly renewing right now. As Cancer season starts to wind down, make time to soak up its watery, caretaking energy. Your ruler, Mars, is in your sign, and this full moon is pushing you center stage.

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Doing for the sake of doing and achieving for the sake of collecting achievements is going to leave you feeling empty and hollow, but you know this already. Just be careful this week, so that when you have a chance to make an impression, it really counts. Use this Verb Hair Ghost Oil to make sure your hair is looking shiny and sleek for your moment in the spotlight.

Confrontation and opposition are in the air, challenging your even-keeled nature. This week is really important for relationships that have to do with your income or career, so let your temper take a backseat and channel the grounding earth sign energy of this Capricorn full moon. State your case, demand the respect you deserve, and refuse to engage with any petty, silencing tactics or gaslighting. In fact, you probably have already, several times.

Venus-ruled Signs Taurus and Libra

Cats born under the Leo zodiac sign are very entertaining, so there is no doubt your Leo kitty is great at making you crack up by fighting their reflection in the mirror or hunting dust bunnies. They always keeps every grain of sand in the litter box. They are perfectionists. Virgo cats are hardworking and not big fans of laziness, which makes them excellent mousers. Represented by the scales, Libra cats are all about balance in their lives. Libra kitties need their relationships to be balanced; if they are snuggling you often, they expect that love to be reciprocated!

Libra cats also blossom and are suited best to have another cat in the home with them.

Love, Marriage, and Compatibility for Aquarius

They may start projects and not finish them. Remember that half eaten catnip toy?


They will get to that again later. They can be intense in good ways: Scorpio felines are fiercely loyal and thrive on deep, meaningful, forever types of relationships. They can also be intense in not so great ways, such as being possessive. They can also be a bit vengeful and may tear up your favorite sweater if you are out too long. Yes, some of these traits can be intimidating, but their deep desire for intimacy and love make them incredible companions. Is your cat an inquisitive daydreamer who can stare out the window at seemingly nothing for hours?

Sounds like a Sagittarius kitty. Sagittarius cats are known for having their heads in the clouds, dreaming of travel and expansion. Because of this, they can be a bit tactless and argumentative if you do not agree with them.