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Darkened instead of brightened from the perspective of the Sun person. For example, my partner loves the dark and dark colours. As for me, I gravitate towards the light. My Sun square his Pluto. My Pluto novile his Sun.

Pluto-Sun Hard Aspects in Synastry

I have Sun trine Pluto natally, while he has Sun sextile Pluto. Kat, thank you very much Kat for sharing that. The natal aspect does have to be considered. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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They are drawn to each other and Pluto will let the Sun person - especially if Sun is in dignified position - to express their personality and will play at their pace. But to a degree. This connection can be highly productive if we talk about trine or sextile, because it helps both people explore their strong points. The Dark and Light, the Sky and the Underworld, they merge together and both sides have lots of going on - this is one of the most powerful synastry connections in my experience.

Can it survive? Of course it can, but the battle here is more on a subconscious level. The Moon person feels the energy of Pluto almost at a physical level, it disturbs its peace, it creates floods and droughts in their soul.

It takes the whole chart to see how two people work together of course, but with harsh aspects of Moon to Pluto, the struggle is inevitable. The intensity is what they both desire, it is what they will get even if their relationship does not translate onto the physical level. Oh, the thunder in your bones.

The sound of storm in your mind. It can be the most rewarding or most soul-destroying experience of their lives. Battle of the titans. In case of trines or sextiles, both people feel empowered and strongly driven to one another. Their goals become one, their desires and passion are in sync.

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Again, if sex is involved -and with Pluto it often is - it can be mind-blowing. But many people who are not in sexual relationship have this aspects between their Pluto and Mars and there is always some sort of battle going on. Thread carefully here.