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The Sun represents all the changes we have not yet taken, that part of us that we have not yet experienced but are headed toward. The Sun represents our identity, or self, in that it is toward these that we are moving and developing. Thus, it also represents that which we will become: older people, authorities -- those we look toward, or up to.

Our essence, or future. Teachers, gurus, and older more experienced people are represented by the Sun. The Sun is "hot stuff," those further up the road of life experience. You are nothing if not compassionate. Interested in serving others, you worry about their welfare. You like to take care of everything, and are always redeeming, salvaging, and restoring. You believe in conservation in all things.

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You find yourself through response and service to others, to life. You will find yourself torn between an environment that is very comfortable and supportive versus a real need to grow, progress, and push out on your own. You are always being caught in the middle, forced to choose between surroundings that are supportive but not progressive and new directions that bring advancement that may be at the expense of your comfort.

Getting these two opposing directions to work together may require some real compromising skills on your part. This could manifest as a love of history versus future trends, older persons versus younger, and so on. You have a natural ability to grasp spiritual and visionary matters and to put them to work. You can perform with the imagination and metaphysical thoughts like others work with durable things. This is because you understand what is behind and connecting things. Much of your own self-image is wrapped up with your ability to work with images -- dreams and the imagination.

You would make a good teacher in areas of music, philosophy, and all that is mystical. You come on strong and may tend to intimidate those around you. It's nothing you have done so much as something you are. Your presence and obvious concentration are very forceful, and you like to get down to essentials right off. This intensity tends to put others through a lot of changes. You are not afraid of a good confrontation, and you seldom pull any punches. You would be great at research or any work that requires digging, searching, investigating, and getting beneath the surface.

Here is information about the kind of environment we create around us, our support system. It is not only the surroundings that we set up today, but the Moon also represents our past, the particular history and social background out of which we grew. Aside from our social background, the Moon governs all of the old habits that we have grown beyond.

We tend to look down on, or back on, our Moon. It represents those experiences out of which we have come, all those younger souls who are unconscious, or "sub" conscious to our own level. This is why it is said that the Moon is a mystery planet, for it is both our parent and our child: our parent in that out of it we were born, our child in that we can't but respond to others who are now living as we once did. The world is a sacred place to you, and you have an absolute commitment to spiritual ideas. Intuition is a fact of life, and you are sensitive, kind, and gentle. A romantic too, with a tender heart.

You always work for a real future, doing what has to be done. You love all that is musical and artistic. You have sensitivity to all that is psychic. You have real faith. You may find yourself torn between two loves or passions, a love of the past versus the future, mother versus father, a younger crowd versus an older crowd. A basic antagonism of home and surroundings against the need to grow, progress, and push on. You have difficulty controlling your emotions, and this often results in flare-ups with others, especially family or those closest to you.

This could cost you much-needed support and intimacy. Your tendency to get harsh, both with yourself and with those around you, may mean that you spend a lot of time alone. You have a tendency to spoil your own nest. Your many responsibilities and obligations may keep you away from those who would offer you much-needed support. You have a built-in sense of what the public wants and can always come up with just the right image. You find it easy to work with the emotions and feelings of others, and with great imagination.

Your sense of the ideal springs to life whenever other people are involved. A born arranger of atmospheres, you enjoy working with groups of people. You are also very creative when it comes to your home and surroundings. Our analyses of these charts match him to perfectly. Also what is the significance of the 28th degree?

Is that a Sabian thing or a pre-anarectic thing? I was reading that a planet in the 2nd degree adds a lot of power to a person.

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  8. I think I read it on astrologyinserbia. Queen Victoria has a multitude of planets in this degree around her chart and as we know she was on the throne for a number of decades. MJ has Neptune on the 2nd degree in Virgo. I am sure this has contributed a lot to his fame and life path both for his singing career in general and his appearance the melting, gradual change of it. I wonder if if Neptune's "trine" with the 12th house cusp has some significance here? Any ideas? Last edited by 23; at PM.

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    Hi 23, Also Jupiter in the 5th house, big involvement with children. C Uranus World Organisations. Concerning career yes there has been lots of ups and downs, which would be the connection to Uranus.

    Michael Jackson TVA ASTROLOGY

    Venus conjunct Uranus - His singing style is very unique, he also has a lot of breaks in his singing i. He can sing quite quickly. Venus sqaure Mars Overall an Innovative expression of his singing. Venus trine Saturn - great strength to his singing, staying power. Venus sextile Ascendant - Uses singing, entertaining as an external way of expressing himself. As Ascendant represents self expression, identity, character all link back to the third house. Venus Associated to to the 12th through Taurus - yes I would seem to think spirituality through his singing.

    Soulful singing. Adds sensitivity to his singing, more when he is singing love songs or his spiritual songs i. The planets at degrees I got this from a book which talks a bit about Natal Promise in the chart. Here is the explanation of them from my book. When I am doing a chart and I see planets at 27, 28, and 29 degrees.

    Astrology News: Michael Jackson's Astrology Chart

    I make note because this person has the potential to achieve something special. I have seen many clients who have planets at these degrees who are very rich. I have alot of Millionaire clients who have real estate holdings with Sun at 29 Cancer. That was the best guess I could give on the house cusps as I am not used to working with them. I'm a bit suspicious about his birth time. There are many things that fit and why not, but then there are some things that make me wonder.

    Mostly about his appearance. He has obviously had lots of plastic surgery, so it is hard to judge what his face would look like in reality. For some reason Gemini ascendant and plastic surgery don't go together in my head but maybe that's just me. He is also relatively short or average height 5'9 and Gemini's are supposed to be rather tall.

    Small things Again great analysis Miss Saturn I will have to look a bit more at his chart to see if I can see anything else but it would now be a bit like extracting blood out of a stone for me. I was thinking, would you like to join me for another person's analysis? Maybe someone who is well known like Bill Clinton or Britney Spears.

    Missa- I thought Gemini were short and thin traditionally. I know a couple of gem sun and asc people and they are very petite. He is though a Virgo with Gem rising according to the details that I used and that would probably be average height for a guy. As for plastics, we kind of explained through aspects how that has occurred but I also think the fact that he is gem rising would give him at least more than one appearance as we know gemini "has two faces". Also the gradual change of his face of the years might indicate at least some mutability somewhere. He does have Gemini teeth bit horseish.

    You can see his face is very round, probably more of a virgo thing. Geminis tend to have quiet long faces. Hi 23, I think we have extracted a lot from his chart, I have really enjoyed analyzing it. It is always bettter when you have others to work it through with you. One last thing I was thinking about was his court case. I think Saturn in Sagitarius in the 7th possibly relates to this. Saturn Authority, being judged, feeling persecuted. I think Pluto rules courts but not too sure on that.

    Also Missa isn't Michael over 6ft, he looks smaller on T. V and because he is a good dancer. The Gemini Ascendant - Related to his appearance when you look at him now to the way he used to look - Two very different people. Other people have had plastic surgery, but not to the transformation MJs had. I will take a look at Bill Clintons Chart to see what I can find. I am not really into Politics. It will be a test for me. But worthwhile in my learning. Yes thats good Miss S. But I think your overall analysis is right about the court case. I don't know what to make out of his part of fortune though.

    It indicates luck through sag pursuits might be simply expansion and through relationships. The only thing that I can link it to is that it is in Sag and as we know, his jupiter is quite pivotal in his life. See you at Bill's.

    Michael Jackson's Planetary Position

    I found this little piece on Michael Jackson, I did type all of this last night. Then the system turned funny and I lost all my hard work, and I couldn't get on the Site this morning either must be due to technical difficulties. Moon square Saturn gives a mother complex and emotional inhibitions from early childhood experiences.

    This square effects his reputation, career, relationships, and financial affairs. The father used to beat Michael with a belt. Cancer and Capricorn occupy the two houses due to interception, have strong Karmic lessons in this life. He tends to live in the past and has a skin disorder called "Vitiligo". Michael actually has Lupus according to the Lupis foundation, but does not want it revealed. Lupis is a Saturn disease, is a circulatory disorder. There are several types of the disease, favourable under prolonged treatment. It can result from enervation part through activation of the nerves , causing white spots that grow slowly as the pigment dissappeared making sunlight dangerous, Saturn opposed the Ascendant: Skin troubles Moon sqaure Saturn is hereditary diseases.

    He also underwent cosmetic surgery several times Uranus Pluto Midpoint I. C: The process of daring transformation to bring about new changes. Missa, You asked: Quote:. You mention a confusion about his "maleness", but what about this aspect? Is it more than sexual confusion? Does he "love" little boys? It seems to me that his Peter Pan-ness might even take it to the extreme that he would relate to a child as a child would play, say, doctor with another child.

    Not as an adult would mollest a child, but as one child would sexually experiment with another. Does anyone see this in his chart? Wow, Miss Saturn, you're right, those aspects of the chart described Michael Jackson pretty well. Diversity yields unity Stand up for what you believe in, even if it meant standing alone. I use the a. The 12th house focus and strong Saturn 4 degrees from the nadir give me confidence in using it. Fundamental to the talent and trauma in his life are Uranus and Venus conjunct in Leo in the 3rd.

    Put the two glyphs together for a hint - one superimposed on the other. One of a kind in many ways. Uranus is the key here with its otherworldly, wizard-like, techie energy. There was genius in Michael Jackson, to be sure. But also, obvious misanthropic forces. A communicator - through word and movement - he was meant to be.

    Mercury is exactly conjunct the asteroid Pallas giving him a big dose of androgynous god-dess energy and creative potential. More about the 4th house later. X - Jackson has a Gemini Ascendant helping to produce his versatility as well as cause him to be drawn in two if not many directions. Here is a man of Twin natures which he seems to have battled rather than befriended in his lifetime. The Gemini Ascendant with Mercury ruling his chart holds the key to Michael's talent, life and fate. It holds three planets and three asteroids. Reminiscent of the Jackson Five sometimes Six. Consider closely the glyph for Juno.

    On the one hand, it seems to have tentacles like an octopus.